Online Collaboration is the key to rapid and effective learning. Building a robust learning network is an essential skill for every person living and working in the 21st Century.


Rob Mancabelli is a speaker and author in the field of educational technology. He’s the co–author of the book Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education, a medal winner for Education Book of the Year. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Rob describes in vivid detail how technology is dramatically changing the way teachers and students learn in the 21st Century, and he outlines specific ways educators can make these changes happen in their schools.

Rob has fifteen years of experience working in schools, working as a teacher before accepting roles as a Chief Technology Officer. He sits on the Educational Advisory Boards of Dell Computer and Acer Corporation, and he is a columnist for leading education publications. Rob is also an education entrepreneur, and he has earned an MBA in innovation and global leadership from MIT.



Rob Mancabelli has spent over a decade developing 21st-Century learning environments. He’s the co-author of Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education, and he writes a column for District Administration magazine. Rob also inspires audiences with insights into 21st-Century learning, strategies for engaging stakeholders, and methods for transforming organizations.

Rob’s expertise comes from a deep background in education, planning, and leadership. He received his MBA from MIT and earned his international certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP). Rob worked in public and private schools for fifteen years, as a teacher and then technology director, directing dozens of large-scale projects that used technology to improve learning outcomes. He served on the state-level task force for New Jersey High School Redesign, and he was chosen by Apple as one of the first five K-12 content contributors to ITunes University. Rob serves on educational advisory boards for Dell Computer and Acer Corporation.


Entrepreneurship in education

Over the past five years, Rob has become increasingly interested in the intersection of entrepreneurship and education. He believes that the path to student-centered business solutions that truly impact learning can only be paved by educators who have experience in schools. When it comes to thinking about teachers’ and students’ needs, there’s just no replacement for time spent in classrooms and hallways.

Rob took several steps to increase his understanding of entrepreneurship so that he could share this knowledge with other educators. Foremost among these was completing an MBA at MIT’s Sloan School, a program known for its emphasis on global innovation and entrepreneurship. He also graduated from the Startup Leadership Program (SLP), a highly selective, world-class training program for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators. Finally, he began writing the New Directions column for District Administration magazine, a space that focuses on how educators can use research on organizational change to drive transformation at their schools.

In March 2012, Rob co-founded BrightBytes, an educational research organization with the core mission of improving the way the world learns. Based in San Francisco, CA, BrightBytes specifically has the goal of driving the way in which research and analysis are used to improve learning, including the effective implementation of programs and tools, and measuring results. To achieve this goal, BrightBytes released Clarity, an analysis platform that uses research-based frameworks to guide educators in their decision-making by evaluating the factors that most impact learning.